Despite being one of the countries top celebrities, it is assumed that Nikki Gil’s wedding would be grand, televised and have an over the top church and reception set only an artista can excecute. Nikki did the opposite of that and instead, she opted to have a secret wedding in Sta. Elena with only her closest family and friends. The public only found out about their I do’s as soon as the first Instagram photo was shared and in a matter of minutes and hundreds of regrams after, social media was abuzz with this beautiful union. I had a lot of fun capturing their moments and her wedding portraits because Nikki opened up her world, letting me shoot unguarded around her house and the same goes for BJ’s side as well. From the moment we entered the house til the end of the reception, you could just feel both of their families’ faith and love for God echoing all over. One can already tell that their marriage is Christ-centered that will last a long long time.